I am here at the Africa.Com conference at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. It is a very intriguing event, because of all the diverse companies that are here, to advertise & sell their goods & services. You can follow them @ #AfricaCom. This is also a bit of an eye opener for me, as I in this I.T field. You may take a look at my website,, and see what I have to offer to the public at a reasonable price.

It takes place over the course of three days, 11th – 13th of November 2014. Well to look at it from a resident of St. Anthony’s, it gets me out of the office to take a look at what I’ve always been passionate about, & that is Technology & how it has evolved over the last twenty years. Not that I’m giving my age away, I’ve always been wanting to know how it does that! Know I am actually finding out how the BIG boys of the industry work & network together.

As the Digital Technology Consultant of Zwbdc I must say it is a privilege being at a conference of this nature & size. And hopefully will give me some more insight into the I.T industry as a whole.


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