Holidays: Are among us.

The holiday season is looming. I am going to be in Johannesburg, my home town, for this festive season. I am looking forward to this one as I haven’t seen much of the family this year. Only my recent visits up to Joburg. I hope and prey that everyone gets back home safely from there destinations. As you all are aware that the festive season many deaths occur on South Africa roads. So just make sure that you buckle up & don’t drink & drive not only during the festive season, but always. On that note I would to thank all my family & friends who managed to stay in contact with me during the course of this year, you know who you all are. I would just like to extend my thanks to all of you. & I will be seeing you soon, I fly up to Joburg on the 12th of December and fly back to Cape Town on the 26th, it’s 10 days & counting… So brace your selves, the Dog Father is coming to town, I mean my other town.



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