Mom’s surprise

Hi there. I arrived in Johannesburg in the early afternoon around 2: 15 pm and waited for my sister in-law to pick me up from Lanseria Air port. Later that evening, which happened to be my mother’s 60th birthday dinner, we met with the folks and Kerry’s folks and gave my mom a big surprise, which was Me being in Jo’burg for her big day, which she had thought I had totally forgot about it. Never the less it was great surprise and a tremendous dinner was had by all. I had 6 Wild Namibian oysters to start and for the main course I had the duck, with two Hansa Pilsner’s to wash it all down, man alive it was a great meal. I am in Johannesburg for the weekend, and fly back to Cape Town on Sunday evening, so till then, happy blogging people, & don’t forget the Springboks take on the mighty Samoa on Saturday, bound to be a hum dinger of a match, depending on which referee they choose. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend of what lies ahead.


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