Have you been there?

Hi there people. Have you tried this new website, http://www.hawkwebtechnologies.co.za. It’s already got 460 odd hits on it. Am wanting to grow the business. So that resources can develop into company assets. My aim for Hawk Web Technologies is to become a major player in the World Wide Web. Something like an E-Commerce site. I want to emerge into an all time great like Kalahari.com. But like any industry, you have to evolve, over time. But time will be the test whether I actually make it or not. But that is up to you the valued Client to decide on it’s future.

The might of of the internet will provide the platform of a very stable yet efficient website that was indeed built by a qualified web designer, namely Scott Matthew Hawkins. You may read all about me in the the following link, http://www.hawkwebtechnologies.co.za/about/aboutUs.html. Your thoughts & critism in the website in it’s entirety is very welcome. You may send me an E Mail: hawkwebtechnolgies@gmail.com or you may inbox me on my Face Book page, http://www.facebook.com/scottyhawk1980.


I hope that you will find all the above relative. Many thanks Scotty Hawkins.

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Mom’s surprise

Hi there. I arrived in Johannesburg in the early afternoon around 2: 15 pm and waited for my sister in-law to pick me up from Lanseria Air port. Later that evening, which happened to be my mother’s 60th birthday dinner, we met with the folks and Kerry’s folks and gave my mom a big surprise, […]

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To those of you that don’t know my father was admitted to hospital Friday a week ago. He fell of the building he is currently building on the farm and is slowly recovering after 4 days in ICU at the lodge. So to those of you who wished him well etc. My thanks go out to you.

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